Well yesterday was a huge success. Awesome turnout for the golf tournament and as well for the after party. Lots of people out having an amazing time and feeling very generous. I thing that overall it worked out great for us as a family and the people who were involved as well. I do have to say that we are very blessed to have so much help and support for something like this. So many people offering their time to volunteer, playing in the event, donating to the cause, super cool experience. So many amazing people, we are thankful and grateful for all of you all the time.

Today life was back to normal. Julie’s blood counts are solid except for her whites, those are around zero. So now she is banned from stepping foot on campus and not allowed to attend the zoo trip on Thursday. In the way of health she is still super tired, doesn’t feel well, can’t really eat, and just overall having a great time. She tried to throw a slider at me today and lost a diamond earring that I had bought for her before we had the money suckers (kids, not cancer, although I think the cancer has outrun the kids). Luckily I found it in the garage next to the car. It came off as she was de-wigging when we got home. Stupid wig, I was wigging out, it was wigging ridiculous, a wigtastrophe, unwigaweavable. Well you get it.

Alrighty then. Thanks again to everyone who came together for yesterday and for all the great things you have done for us. Catch you on the flip side.




Today was a better day. Julie was up and about and milling around much more productively than the last few days. She still basically feels like s.h.i.t (spelled out so it’s less offensive), but that doesn’t stop her from doing much. Sadly right now she is mostly concerned with how difficult the recovery is going to be from her next round. I mostly try to dodge those type of conversations and deal with today and how great everything is currently.  However us seeing eye to eye on that is a work in progress.

So anyways we hung out today. Went for a little stroll around the neighborhood with the dogs and the girls on scooters, made it out to target and Jersey Mikes. We even went to the park for a bit but Julie had to lay down in the car while we did that. You know not feeling super great and all. Then to top it off we met some friends for dinner. Didn’t think Julie would be up for it but she took a little half hour lay down, a shower, and sacked up. I honestly was all about not going but she really wanted to do it for the kiddos since their friends were going to be at dinner as well. Super cool mom I tell you.

And now they all rest.

Big day tomorrow with the golf tournament going down. Gonna be a great time. I gotta get up and out early to help super man get everything that he has put together over the last few months together for golf and dinner. Oh and Julie will be coming out to the tourney to say hi to everyone. She’s got no hair and she don’t care.

If you’re in town I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Sheees BAAAaack (creepy voice style)

Got her home today. I showed up at the hospital around 820 this morning armed with some zofran and a bottle of water and I scooped Julie right out of that place. She wasn’t feeling too hot but was determined to make it to Presley’s little school singing function thingy. And she did.

Right after the performance Julie had to head into Frakes office to have the once over and given the plan of attack. Basically her liver function is still high so she is going to need to check in for blood work every day and is being strongly urged to remain out of the public or crowded places for like 5 days. So far solid start (you know the school thing I mentioned that she went to) (of course you do, you’re not idiots). This does mean however that she may not be making it to any part of the golf tournament on Monday. But who knows.

She does feel pretty badly right now and has been on basically self inflicted bed rest since she has been home but she notoriously recovers well so maybe in a few days she will be more up and about.

Otherwise just nice to be whole again and not have a spot in my own bed. My new bed. My bed that we got for Christmas. Oh well Mr. Johnnie Walker will hang out with me until those fools fall asleep and I can ship them out to their rooms. Muwahahahaha.

Nighty night

Girl Drama

Don’t have any news to pass on currently. Julie is plugging along with her infusions. No issues there. Looks like she will be on track to get out Friday morning. Otherwise we have no insight into what else is going on.

Presently Julie is very sad about being away from the girls and Presley is very sad about being away from mom. So that has been fun. Julie cries every time I see her and last night when I took the girls in, her and P cried about having to not be together. Makes me feel like a solid dude making them break up. However it all works out, Presley ends up fine by the time she gets home and I’m sure Julie will be okay. Just a bummer while it’s happening. I’m really dreading the day that these girls are all cycling (as in their periods) together and are either emotional or angry cause I will be sure to be MIA for those days. I am way outnumbered. However Dylan may be a little different so there might be some hope for me. Last night she was sad because Presley was sad and kept trying to comfort her with hugs and telling her it will be okay. So maybe Dylan is a little more, for lack of a better description, “manly”.

Who knows. Today should be the final day of this drama for a few weeks so everyone can recharge.

Up and Running

Well good ole Tom from downstairs was able to get Julies port up and running this morning. He is a good dude who is a cancer survivor as well that we have seen many times and has helped to get an IV in Julie when others couldn’t before as well. Thank God. Apparently he had to run some special stuff through since her port was possibly clogged from her ridiculously high platelet count. I don’t know. All I know is that it works now. So boom.

Of course that didn’t stop the inevitability of wasting an entire day. Julie didn’t get her chemo started until dinner time this evening so she basically sat in a bed away from us with no progress since 5pm yesterday. But the good news is the Presley has some play thingy on Friday morning so Julie will be strong arming them to let her out Thursday night regardless. And when she is determined on something like that she usually sees it through. So even with the malfunction we may not suffer an extended stay.

Thanks for tuning in

News from bff Ashley

From Ashlee Stock

Hi Everyone- I just wanted to touch base about the meal sign ups.  We are taking a break from the actual meal drop offs.  But the gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores have been a big help so I would like to keep that going if possible.  Here are some suggestions for places they like:
Trader Joes
Chicks chicken
Native foods
The gift cards can be dropped off at the Kauffman’s house, inside the front gate.  There address is 2403 Sacada circle unit A, Carlsbad 92009

I also want to Thank everyone for all that has been done already, I know the Kauffman’s appreciate it tremendously!

And don’t forget about Julie’s Fundraiser next Monday April 29 “Swings for Julie”.  The Golf tournament is at The Vineyard in Escondido with events starting at 11.  And a dinner and raffle to follow at D Street Bar and Grill from 6-9.

Thanks again for all your support!
Xoxo Ashlee Stock

Party and Poo Poo

Well Dylan had her official little party today with some kiddos for her big number 3. It was short and sweet and the kids had a good time. Shortly after the party Papa Brian came over to watch the girls so I could take my wife to the hospital…again, so I could watch them poke her in the chest only to not access her port…again, while I tried to proposition her into having sex on a hospital bed with me…again. Well that last part is partially a joke. Partially. But I would. No seriously. I would. You think she’s interested? Maybe in the shower……

Serious note:

A second lady tried to access Julies port and failed so that is whats happening right now. They are going to have to take an X-ray of the situation to see if there is an issue with the port or just the lack of skill from the under qualified staff stabbing my wife in the only spot that seems to give her any pain. Not that I am upset but she is sitting in the hospital now with an IV running fluids so that she can start chemo tomorrow, but she cannot start chemo unless she has a port or a pic line. Change in mood, I am upset. This means complications and complications typically mean longer hospital stays. But who knows, maybe tomorrow morning something magical will happen like a nurse who passed a practical application of port access will be on duty. Stranger things have happened. Right?

I just feel so bad for her. Definitely not fair.


Transplant news

So Julie just called the City of Hope and they confirmed that they do have a donor match for her on stand by and another one behind that as well in case the first one does not meet their criteria for some reason. The City said that they are just waiting for either Dr. Frakes or Dr. Forman to sound the alarm. I am guessing that this means if the scans are good after this round of chemo we could be looking at Julie heading up for a transplant around the end of May or beginning of June to spend about a month inpatient doing the do. Of course this is all still speculation based on our own perceptions about what is happening, but I am pretty confident it will be fairly close to something like that. Hopefully after this week we will have more of an actual plan drawn up. Scary but exciting stuff.

Heading back in

Had a great time at Disneyland on Wednesday. Not a care in the world. Just cruising around taking in the sites, rides, and fun. It was a very nice break from all the nonsense that is our lives. Yesterday was fairly mellow. Dylan got stung by a bee and then fell out of our bed at night pretty much splitting her head open on the corner of my nightstand leaving a solid golf ball size lump in the middle of her forehead. A nice reminder that we still get our regular people crappy stuff as well as the whole cancer crappy stuff just to keep things real.

Today Julie met with Frakes who confirmed that she will be back in on Sunday night to start another round of treatment. It looks like after this round of chemo there will be some more scans to see where we stand since it appears that a donor may have been located making stem cell transplant a possibility of happening fairly soon. Nothing is confirmed but it is looking like a reality.

Got Dylan’s birthday this Sunday while Julie is still out so that is nice, then we celebrate Presley’s on the 5th after she finishes her “bad week” so that works out nicely as well. Then I celebrate another year break from the ridiculous month of birthdays I have somehow created.

Holla at your boy



Things and Stuff

So today happened. Julie went to the eye doctor for a check up. All good. Went to oncologist as per usual. Counts all good. Had to go to a dermatologist for the crazy rash thing she has. No idea what it is so that had to slice some off to biopsy. Standard. Like I said, nothing seems to be easy or go according to plan.

Oh well screw em’. We are going to go to Disneyland with the kids tomorrow for Julie’s birthday so we don’t have to worry about any of this nonsense for at least a day. Haha nana nana booboo.

Hope you all have a radical Wednesday like we will.