What the happs is

So there is obviously a decent amount of readers on this blog who do not have direct contact with Julie or I and are probably a little curious as to what the happs is. Therefore I would like to inform you what the happs actually is.

Since Julie has been home we have been fairly reclusive while we all readjust and she slowly works her way back into the swing of things, all of which has been going very well. Julie was able to get up the stairs her first day back and has been sleeping at home ever since. She has had weekly and some bi-weekly appointments with her oncologist, and only one with her heart doc. As of today she has been showing great progress. Blood counts are solid (has not needed and transfusion yet), daily progress and improvement continues, hair is growing back, so far no hiccups. She did need hydration one day because she was experiencing some light headed issues but they didn’t know if it was due to the leaky valve in her heart, another heart type issue, hydration, or what. Still like I said continued improvement and not the crazy doctor and hospital daily chaos we used to have be so routine.

Yesterday Julie had to head up to the COH for blood work, echo of her heart, and appointment with Forman. All good results from that. We are still waiting for a more in depth read of the echo but according to Julie he did not seem concerned with anything. She does still have some “cmv” virus (I believe), so he needs to figure out some treatment for that, but otherwise she is able to finish her home infusions this week, lower some of her immune suppressant drugs, and keep leaning towards weening off all this nonsense. On the 30th she has to go up to see him again and get another PET scan after which she can remove the pic line she has had for so long now. Again progress towards no drugs, no lines, no disease.

So like I said all good stuff. Forman gave Julie the okay to drive so we are going to start practicing that soon and she is looking like we are very close to not needing someone to “watch” her while I am away at work.

I am hopeful I will be able to end this blog soon due to Julies full recovery and renewed health but I will, for the sake of all of you, keep a post or two going on her progress as we hit any milestones.

That’s the Happs

Katie Sullivan

Thanks so much for the update! It can’t be easy, but Julie has a lot more followers than she probably knows. Everyone is rooting for you, too, Max — and all of Julie’s support system!

Jenn Walton

I was just praying for and thinking of you all on Tuesday. SO happy to hear all of this good news! I do not blame you for not writing – you have your wife back! Enjoy every moment and blessings for the best Christmas ever! Please let us know if we can do anything to help make your Christmas brighter! -The Waltons (friends of Kristen Westlake)

Donna Matzenbacher

I’m so thrilled Julie is home with all of you. What nice timing, just in time for all the Holidays. Now Julie needs to continue her low key social life in order to get 100% well. Everyones prayers have been answered. Continued prayers that Julie will fully recover. We love you Julie!!!!!

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