Getting closer

Good appointment today. Forman said the Julies bone marrow showed that she is now 100% donor and her brain MRI looked good. Unfortunately his staff did not gather all the test results he needed so there is still some things he needs to go over before he feels comfortable releasing Julie back to Dr. Frakes care. Therefore she has another appointment tomorrow at 5pm to hopefully firm up any loose ends like how her nutrafils are now apparently lower than they have ever been. He is guessing it is an antibiotic reaction but Forman does not want to leave anything open ended which we are all cool with especially this far into this nonsense. So one more appointment tomorrow that will confirm all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and we should be getting a time or date of release.

Still all looking very good so far.

And I should mention that Julie wants to surprise the girls so if you see them please do not mention to them that you are excited mommy is coming home.

Thanks I appreciate it =).

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