It looks like we are days away

Julie had her bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday and a brain MRI on Friday. She also met with Forman on Tuesday who conducted the biopsy as well as their weekly appointment. He seemed very optimistic about Julies progress, her blood counts, overall health, and stability. The words from his mouth were that she should be able to go home next week. As in what is now this week, which starts tomorrow, Monday. He said he would start the discharge process and arrange for all infusions to be home infusions to make it possible for her to leave. Of course Julie needs to see him tomorrow to get the results from her biopsy and MRI but if those seem all good she should be heading home shortly after that.

So I don’t have a definite confirmation but it is looking like that will come after her appointment tomorrow. Super exciting stuff. Julie is actually coming home. Kind  of hard to believe after all this but I think it is finally here.

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