Day 100

Today was a huge day. 100 days from transplant. First time that Julie was allowed out without a mask on. The first time she was allowed to eat food that was not heated to a certain temperature and/or eat food that was not packaged. Big day for all of us. Big day for Judy who has had to monitor and care for Julie day in and day out since mid August. Today marks the first day Julie can start to reintroduce back into society. We actually went out for lunch, went to toys r us, and kind of cruised around without too much hanging over our heads. It was pretty nice. Julie was decently worn out after a couple of hours but it was still pretty cool.

Looking to hear some good news over the next few days.

Donna Matzenbacher

Thank God for Daily improvements!!!!!!!Dear God continue to help get Julie home and healthy! That’s really all I pray for right now! I want more than anything for Julie to get home with her family asap! The Holidays are all about family. Julie needs to be with her family. PRAYING SOOOO HARD for JULIE’s recovery. Get her home for the holidays!!!!!!

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