Staying Ahead

Julie still appears to be improving. Her counts dropped a little today but not so much as to make it necessary for her to receive blood. They also took her off one of her antibiotics so that helps to reduce to time and amount of drugs she is on. All good stuff people. Everything seems to be progressing the way it should. Like I said previously, Sunday is day 100, and even though Dr. Forman would not give a date of release Julie is showing the signs that he requested for him to be comfortable releasing her into Dr. Frakes care. I think that without becoming overly hopeful Julie could be realistically coming home shortly.

As far as my personal war on lice I think we have successfully broken the cycle and are currently winning this fight. We are combing hair, washing constantly, and staying ahead of those little bastards so they cannot reproduce. It’s a pain in the butt, but like anything else we can make it routine for a few weeks and ensure that we rid ourselves completely of the pesky little blood suckers.

Donna Matzenbacher

Max, You are truly amazing!!! I don’t know of any man or husband that could do what you do or have done for all these years. Heaven forbid any one has to go through this horrific nightmare, but if so being, give them the strength of Max Kauffman. You need to receive a medal of honor. When all is calm, and 100% cured, we need to have a celebration of Julie’s life and of Max surviving a nightmare. PARTY!!!!

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