Oh by the way

Julie did end up having to get blood today but not platelets so that is still a positive day. Oh and both the girls have lice. Yep lice. Just when you think things are on the up and up you find yourself standing naked with your children all looking in the mirror at the weird orange lotion we put in our hair. All while every bed sheet and pillow case plus article of clothing is being washed. Realistically not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but seriously, wtf. We might not be able to go up and see Julie now cause of this “outbreak” and that sucks. And combing little bugs out of your kids hair is pretty nasty. So just remember life still happens regardless of how busy or difficult you may think it is.

Donna Matzenbacher

Max, you are by far thee FATHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!! Or probably Father of the last 3years!!!!! No question! If only every Dad/ husband could do what you have done. Father, Mother, all around best care taker ever!

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