Wild Ride

Most of you probably assumed that my lack of posting last night was due to lack of information and/or bad news. If you did you would be correct on both accounts.

They went down Julies throat yesterday and confirmed that she did have the infection in her heart and said that it would be 8 weeks more of treatment to cure it. Then shortly after that news the doctor consulted with his partner who had a different opinion at which time they came back and said they needed to discuss further and would have more of an answer/diagnosis today (Friday).

Today passed without too much info from anyone until around 3pm. The infectious disease doctor informed Julie that she did have infection in her heart and that it was treatable but it would be 6-8 weeks. Uh infectious disease doctor, thought we were done with that? How did we get back to this after 4 months in a hospital and someone else blood? Anyways no time for that. While Julie was on the phone sharing this info with me she took another call from the Parson village (her bungalow) notifying her that Judy needed to vacate the bungalow immediately as they needed it for another patient. Hell no!! I don’t pay weekly for that crap hole apartment so that they can kick us out at the drop of a hat. I pay for it just like a hotel (at close to the same rate) and  that mofo is mine. Oh and did I mention that Julie is still in the ICU.

So Julie starts freaking out obviously. I advise her to call her nurse and have her (or him Travis) contact Forman or his assistant immediately. If she does not hear from them her job is to leave the hospital and go back to the bungalow to secure that from being taken away. If we get into the weekend nothing will happen till Monday and we need a plan. After we get off the phone she does her part and I email Forman. Judy calls me livid. I tell her to squat at the bungalow, and don’t give it up, I will pawn my kids off and come up tonight if necessary. She was prepped to unload on the staff with all she has (no coaching from me was necessary).

Well Forman emails me back, A few times. He assures me that Julie will be released tonight. The bungalow is ours as long as necessary. And the infection is on a leaflet of her heart valve. She is on the right antibiotics currently, her marrow is in full remission, and she is a “top priority” for him. Good news, we are on track.

Julie calls me back a little later and a little more calm. After Forman visited her it looks like the plan is for her to have 3-a-day clinicals over the weekend and then on Monday she should move to a 6am infusion with home nurse after that on a daily basis. She asked about getting back to having Frakes run point on her treatment so she could come home and he said that once her bowels and some other stuff leveled out she would be alright.

So basically we are cool for this weekend. I am going to make sure I am there this week when she has her appointment with Forman and we are going to figure out if she needs to be there for another 6-8 weeks or if we can transfer some of this BS back to San Diego.

I know it could be worse but dude how do we hit every possible bump in the road? City of Hope you don’t go crazy and blow up the joint.




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