Great or Grave

I am very aware that myself and this blog have lost their spark of wit and humor and turned into this fact based sadness machine, but unfortunately that is the reality of what is happening now.

Julie is still in the hospital, in the ICU or ETC I believe, and is not scheduled to leave soon. Forman said that the bone marrow did not show any return of cancer and that she is 99.5% donor so those are positives. He also said that they seem to have her GvsH and other infection under control. But now they need to figure out what this bacteria infection is and treat that before she is released. Oh and the big kicker is they are sticking a tube or wire down Julies throat tomorrow to check her heart and make sure that the infection has not spread to there. As you may recall Julie has had heart issue like a heart attack and a tumor of sorts in the past and they are now again nervous of this blood born infection having gotten to her heart. Some things to consider and pray about for her 130 procedure tomorrow are as follows:

1. Julie is scared about having to have something shoved down her throat while she is conscious.2. If they find it has compromised her heart that will guarantee her another 6 weeks of treatment to rid her of the problem. That’s a big one folks, we do not want to see that happen.

If all goes well tomorrow and she goes 48hrs without a fever they will put her new pic line in on Friday and she will then return to the bungalow and begin her home nurse treatments.

So big day tomorrow. Lots of potential for great or grave news. Lets pray for no issues and some smooth sailing.

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