From Mom herself

Well long time no talk. I have been at the city of hope now for about 3
months and I have not been home for almost 4 since I went straight from Scripps to here. City of hope has been amazing, my doctor is beyond amazing and really truly cares about me. I have had many hiccups along my journey, and it has been much harder then I ever could have anticipated. At some points
I truly thought I was going to die. I still have good days and not so good days. Right now they found an infection in my blood so at 12:20 on Friday night I was re admitted into the hospital. I am getting a ton of antibiotics and fluids. My legs are still pretty week so my mom and I have been practicing the stairs and walking as much as I can stand to. It’s interesting going from running 3 miles a day to having to teach your legs to move and lift up stairs. My mom has been staying here with me for the last 3 months. I can’t tell you how lucky I am for her, this journey has been like one that no one could prepare you for, and I could not be doing it with out my mom. I continue to get antibiotics everyday and hoping that my body kicks into gear. Maybe if I get all the hiccups out of the way now it will all be good later. I want to say thank you and how much I appreciate all of you that have come to the City of Hope to donate blood or platelets. I know it is a long drive and I appreciate every cell that enters my body. We are currently trying to figure out what drugs are necessary and which one we can eliminate. To me that sounds like closer to going home. I’m hoping this hospital stay will be short and they fix the problem fast. I can not thank all of you enough for the constant prayers, donations, and help with my kids.

Much love and gratitude Julie

Katie Sullivan

Your courage is inspirational — and you must get that from your Mom! Helping you get through this is what she is meant to do. It is beautiful to know you are there for each other, and for your family. Awful, unfair, and beautiful.

Your connection reminds us all, in an awesome way, that we are ALL connected.


Debbie La Roche

Wow!! You are such a strong woman, your mom must have encouraged that strength. Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family every day.

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