Fever, Vomit, and Visits

So what can I tell you? I am now officially as out of the loop as all of you and would feel more abreast of things if someone updated me with a blog. Julie and I talk a bit, there is some sporadic texting, a little Face Time, but not as frequently as we would like and not necessarily informative. What tends to happen is a few texts will go back and forth and then she will become ill or fall asleep and will go dark for hours, like 8-10 hours. For example yesterday was our Anniversary and we exchanged some “happy anniversary I love you” hoopla in the morning, then without really closing a conversation I did not hear from her again till the night. She is kind of in and out right now, lots of vomiting, little eating, all the bad stuff that goes along with being ill. And that is really all I can gather. Sometimes she is more coherent than others but she is overall facing some difficult days and it is hard for me to figure out what all is going on.

On our side over here we have been having a good time, lots of activities and stuff. Of course the girls still do not love that I am gone as much as I am. Dylan shows her discontent by letting her sitter know that she does not love them and wants the other sitter after a few days of the same person. She can be super sweet that way. Not to mention that she will also let them know she does not love them without make up on either which is always nice to hear. Same kid who smells food and drinks before tasting and just today threw an outright tantrum about taking the kind of Tylenol she likes because it is colored purple rather than clear. I should back that story up, but point is she’s crazy.

Story: Without mom home I sometimes miss the subtle clues displayed by my children. They have been acting out in different ways because of their sadness and I recently lumped that in when it was actually something different. Yesterday Dylan was temperamental and rebellious with the sitter, not wanting to be productive in dance class, throwing a tantrum while at the movie theater, complaining of her head hurting (big cue), and so on. Throughout the night she woke a few times for water, today she was more moody than normal and clingy on me. Finally she was complaining that her eyes hurt when I realized that I am an idiot and she is running a fever. Whatever I’m human. I tried to give her Tylenol but she was not having it cause it was purple. She was crazy, almost choking from trying to take it. So we went to CVS and bought clear Tylenol, also grape flavor, which she happily took and is doing fine. Errr. Even crappier is that I probably got her sick from our day at Sea World then the beach out front of Jakes after dinner on Tuesday. Most likely got her some germs from one of those places. Oh well it was worth it.

Basically all is good except that I am heading up to visit Julie tomorrow with Presley and if little Miss P catches whatever Dylan has she cannot visit mom. We will find out in the morning the status of that, and if all goes well will be there for the transplant. They are saying it may be 630 tomorrow night so if that is the case I might have to bring P back home and head back up but I won’t really know till tomorrow since Julie is not the most reliable source of information currently.

Otherwise stay tuned in

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