Family Visit

Made a trip out to see Mom today. Took the kids and my mom and dad, great visit. Julie is on the 6th floor now and each floor has a lobby so we got to just chill and run a muck all around that place without bothering staff or patients. Well for the most part. My parents and Presley got to see Julies room, see the pictures below, but Dylan was not able to due to age restrictions. Nonetheless we had a pretty great time especially since we started this journey with the impression that their would be no children visits from the time she arrived. We hoped for a longer stay but it just didn’t work out that way without being able to get Dylan into the room and Julie on diet restrictions not being able to eat outside food.

Good note:

-Julie is in a very sterile and quarantined environment. She is not allowed to have any food from outside of the hospital kitchen and she again cannot have flowers or stuff like that. If you want to send her something or visit you’ll need to take that into account. They are essentially killing her immune system then trying to start a new one. The smallest of bacteria can do serious damage. The best thing you can provide would be your time. And from today I can attest that it helps. She looked better today and was not complaining about the pain while she was distracted by our chaos.

So Pres and I will head back up on Friday to hang out and support Mom during her transplant and second birthday, until then I think a few other friends are planning on visiting. Otherwise there is not too much to share.

Here are the room pics with one of the girls today:


Donna Matzenbacher

I am so ready to hear that Julie is well again, and being able to be with her 2 little loves. Ok Max, 3 loves. God only knows how much Julie deserves this. Not true! We all know! PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!

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