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Got some more blog stuff for you today. Julie is trucking along up in Duarte. She is still in a significant amount of pain unfortunately, still on steady morphine, and they still can’t seem to understand what could be causing all this nonsense. One doc said it could be start of arthritis and she may need back surgery in 20-30 years. Comforting. So who knows, Julie and I just think it is how her body responds to being so weak since she is way broken down and she has had back problems before when she has been ill. This is kind of similar except with leg pain and unable to contain.

In other news she had her pic line installed and her port removed so that is good news since the port was mostly a pain in the ass more than it was productive, and the pic should come out at the end of treatment giving Julie back a device free body after all of this. Chemo has been running and will until next week around Monday or Tuesday, then she is scheduled for transplant on Friday the 12th, at which time I will be present to support her. Super bummed on the no free Slurpee deal and now that I think of it she is going to get a second birthday right on top of our anniversary officially trumping any day that may be slightly in my favor, even if it is split.

The kids are cool. They miss mom and tell me a lot. They are holding up however, and 5 days into it I am still keeping the promise alive. Pres cried as I left for work tonight because she does not want be without me and mom. That is super tough to walk away from but she does fine once I am out, I called and talked to her just to confirm. They are just adjusting to how much I actually work since they have to be watched by someone other than mom or the grandparents. Lots of “please don’t leave Dad” when I have to leave. Anywho back to my promise. So far they have been to the children’s museum, dance classes, birthday party (another one tomorrow), and so on. After all their adventures yesterday I took them out for Golden Spoon and came home to host a fireworks show. Yes a show, in my street, even though they are illegal. I’m super cra cra. The show was pretty awesome too, like 45 minutes of excitement and Dylan watching from the inside of our car, haha. Today we got some patriotic nails at the salon, had lunch, went to the park, decided it was too hot, then spent a few hours at the pool. I’m at work tonight but they are off to visit friends and watch fireworks again tonight, real ones, before bed. Pretty decent few days so far. What what, Dad of the year 3 years running.

I almost forgot to mention that my parents are also coming to town and taking the girls to Sea World Saturday courtesy of some free tickets from a friend, followed by a visit to mom on Sunday since the doc said it would be good to go. It just keeps getting better people.

Otherwise that is about it. Lots of excitement, lots of sadness. If you get a chance please drive up to see Julie. Lots of sadness and boredom up in that area.

Here are a few pics:

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