Day 1….chaos

Check off day 1.

Things did not go according to plan today, just as we planned it. Ambulance departure from Scripps was not until just before noon. Arrival comprised of some confused paramedics in a City of Hope. We got up to the room, 4215, and all came to a halt. Of course everyone at the City knew who Julie was and had studied up on her history, we just arrived too late to accomplish much. When we got there I was able to decorate her room, which is a huge corner room by the way, with some pictures and Hawaii themed wall hangings Judy provided. Julie was all worked up that I was gonna get in trouble. Bless her little rebel heart. So I finished decorating, unpacked the suitcase and we hung out.

Shortly after Julie ordered some food, it’s much better than Scripps too, much better, like edible type of food much better, and you can order as much as you like from 6am-645pm which is kind of cool. We had some nurses come through quite a lot changing tubing and bags, drawing some blood, filling out questionnaires, etc. We met one of the NP’s who will be circulating and she said that Julie is signed up for every possible activity until she denies it, like arts and crafts and stuff, so that makes me happy. She also said the pic line should be going in tomorrow morning as well and the port should be coming out shortly after. Oh and she will have to move up to the 6th floor after chemo to do the transplant.

Forman came by super late after I left but he said that it looks like Julie is going to be back on the original chemo plan that was supposed to be 5 days outpatient. Of course she cannot do it outpatient now that she is inpatient. Good news is that if that is the regimen then she will be starting transplant sooner and hopefully be released sooner. Plus it would be less devastating than the 11 day cycle.

So anyway lots going on. Not 100% sure about what all is going to go down and when but I am feeling good about having her there. They are for sure on their game.

So now it is just keeping that delicate balance of emotions stable between the girls and Julie. Hard to leave her there and hard to leave them here. Game on.


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