Away she goes….

Great day and a tough day all wrapped into one, ending this crazy last visit to Scripps before a sendoff to the COH. Julie was in good spirits today as were the kids and for the most part myself. Luckily after a few days of what seemed to be unrelenting pain for Julie has suppressed finally today due to the addition of some steroid pushes yesterday. From early last week she was gradually and daily getting worse to the point of barely sleeping and causing the nurses and doctors to escalate her from norco to percucet to morphine then oxycoton. It appears that the steroids did the trick finally and allowed Julie to have, for all intensive purposes, a good last day here in Encinitas.

I know it has been a tough day for her, very emotional and surreal that her departure is finally upon us. I have been trying, or we have been trying, to prep the kids as much as possible and they seem to be excepting it well. I know that there are going to be some tough days and nights but I think we are ready to take this head on. We have our calender set to track the days until visitation and as I said I plan to make sure the girls have a great time so that the month flies by as fast as possible for them. Today was day one of that mission.  I got them out of the house for a pool play date this morning before we went to visit mom for our, well there, last good byes. That way they burnt a little energy and could focus on mommy. We stayed for a few hours and good bye was difficult. Presley was much stronger than I thought, it hurt me much more than I anticipated, and I know it must have been devastating for Julie. Regardless the girls knew that we were going back over to their friends to play and BBQ so they were amped about that and able to focus on having some fun to help dull the pain. Kids had a great time at dinner, we stayed too late, played a ton and had a special event at the end that was so fitting for tonight. Our friends had a lantern that you launch into the sky like in the movie Rapunzel so you can make a wish and watch it until it burns out. Not sure if it was planned but the idea of letting the lantern go as well as making a special wish was so perfect. I think most of us had the same wish except for Dylan who did not keep it a secret and told me it was for candy. I mean I guess that is like #2 to Julie getting healed.

So now we are officially 3. We are ready to take this month head on and get closer to a life that once was. Tomorrow morning Julie is officially off. What was supposed to be a 7am departure will more likely be after 9am so that they can make sure a bed is available now that Julie is an inpatient transfer. I will be an ambulance chaser and make sure she is all set up with her amenities once she arrives. Then I come home and play house and Julie starts her getting better dance.

Also she is allowed to have visitors the whole time if you fancy a drive. The whole time she is there, just as long as you are not sick in the slightest. You can pop on in her room with a mask and gloves and hang out with the little lady.

Once again, here we go.

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