This did not go as we had planned

Best laid plans and some other catchy stuff I would say right now to sum up the fact that Julie’s sendoff to the COH has become very anticlimactic. If you recall Julie was originally going to be shipping out on 6/17 which sent us scrambling a little bit and trying to work out the details of Presley’s last week of school. That thankfully was changed to the 24th and tentatively set as an outpatient chemo treatment to begin with which meant even more time at home before isolation. I even scheduled this weekend off so that we could all go up and stay in Duarte to have a nice sendoff for mom as she embarked on her “deployment”. That changed also to 7/1. Still okay though since I had the weekend off we made plans to stay downtown and have a good time. Julie obviously hasn’t been feeling well so that got downgraded to some different activities and staying at home, but still a fun last weekend. Well now Julie is in the hospital and will have to remain there until Monday when she will take an ambulance ride up to the COH to start her journey there. Bogus. All for a good reason I am sure, things always work out just the way they are supposed to, so I am confident that this is for the best, just bogus for how we worked it all out. Julie is super bummed of course, but that too is good. No need for her to try and be strong anymore, this is the last step, she can be sad and cry through it all. It’s just tough to adjust to a change of dates again, especially when it is sprung on you that this last ER visit is the start of your big stay. No formal good byes, no kiss for the dogs and cat, no packing yourself, and so on.

The reason for her having to stay inpatient from now until completion is the same reasoning for admittance after her collapse. Essentially the clot on her heart is cause for concern and they want to monitor her. Everything is pretty good right now but if it were to break off and into her lungs it could cause major issues so they are trying to deter that. The problem that got all this rolling is the blood thinners she was shooting up with caused some internal bleeding in her stomach from and ulcer and in her intestines as well I believe. So now they are doing blood thinners through and IV and at a more controlled dose to hopefully contain the blood clot while not doing as much damage and causing blood loss. Therefore she needs to remain hooked up and monitored, being tested every 6 hours to make sure she is stable. All makes sense, still sucks.

Sooo since we are now on this last stage a little more rapidly than expected I am going to go ahead and kick off the “summer of George”. It sucks that Julie is in the hospital and we/I are going to visit her and hang out until she leaves, however the kids and I will not be sitting around the house all sad faced while she is gone. I am going to do my best to make this a rad summer for them so they don’t need to dwell on all the crappy stuff happening. We are going to treat this like a celebration of life and the fact that mommy is almost done. Play dates, beaches, pools, whatever, we are gonna party like it’s 1999. Then when Julie gets back and is feeling better we are gonna take a solid vacation to either Mexico, Hawaii, Disney World, or somewhere super fun. I have not figured that out yet but I definitely put away cash from the fundraiser (hopefully that’s cool with everyone) and we are using that to have some good old fashioned family fun. Hell we might even end up on a cross country trip to Wally World.

Okay summary:

Julie is in the hospital until she is done with stem cell transplant=sucks

Kids are on break and we are gonna party=cool

Julie is gonna be done with all this stuff soon and we are gonna really party=wicked cool




Debbie La Roche

Hopefully this is the start of a long & healthy life! We will be sending good thoughts your way on a daily basis.

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