So The Story

Ok so the story I missed last night from one of our hemotologist/oncologists Dr. Bessudo was that they feel they have ruled out all concerns for cancer and lymphoma and any chance of infectious disease. There are still a few concerns for infection pending but they lung guru’s from UCLA and MAYO are currently tying to check all those off the list from Julies tissue samples. What this means is Julie appears to have some rare form of auto immune disease. Since the lung people are still unable to identify what her illness is we are gathering all her records and trying to decide the best avenue for her next venture in the world of specialists. Tentively it looks like we will be heading to a large hemotology clinic and/or a pulmonary clinic, most likely UCLA, Stanford, or some California institution.

Nothing set in stone yet but we are eager to get some answers. In the meantime the goal is to break Julie out of here so she can re-charge her mental and emotional batteries at home for a few days..

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